A Winters Tale


A Fistfull of snowballs

(Once upon a time in West Wales)

"Who Goes there?"

A Cavalier

Look Behind You!
You wont catch me with that old one!
Oh No?
Who did That ?
Who wants to Know, Sirrah!
I do
Take That!
I've had quite enough of this
Now lets see what you're made of
Truly Sir, thy grandmother doth smell of elderberries
En Garde!
A Tragic End
A penny for your thoughts
SIR HENRY VAUGHAN'S COMPANY are proud to be take the field with of the Earl of Northamptons Regiment, one of the longest established re-enactment regiments in Britain. Northamptons and Vaughan Nantwich 2006
Our Living History section also benefits greatly from our close links with The Heritage Centre,, an independant re-enactment group which cover the period 1560-1915, and particularly with Colonel Webb's Regiment, serving with the Duke of Marlborough's Army of the War of the Spanish Succession(1700-1715)
Our events range from an individual presentation of the Living History of the Stuart age to the spectacle of hundreds of reenactors recreating the fury of an English Civil War Battle. Come and see our displays as a spectator, or take the kings shilling now and take part! All application for membership accepted at the discretion of our Commanding Officer. Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing before planning your first event

Waiting for the Battle

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