Sir Henry Vaughan's Company of the Sealed Knot Society: Reenactment of a Royalist Unit of the British Civil Wars 1639-1660
SIR HENRY VAUGHAN'S REGIMENT were raised by Henry Vaughan of Derwydd, Carmarthenshire, from the Trained Bands of Carmarthen in October/November 1642. On their arrival at Oxford, the King Knighted their commander for his services in bringing these troops to the army. The regiment continued to recruit and equip themselves in West Wales, but served with the Oxford Army until the campaign of Naseby, where Sir Henry was taken prisoner. Sir Henry remained a captive, initially in the Tower of London until shortly before the Restoration
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SIR HENRY VAUGHAN’S COMPANY is part of the Sealed Knot Society. The society is dedicated to the accurate re-enactment of the English Civil Wars. It is a registered educational charity whose aim is to improve the public's knowledge of a vital period in our history 1640 - 1660. Those years saw social upheaval, a civil war causing proportionally more casualties than WWI, and the foundation of our modern constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government.

SEALED KNOT EVENTS Sealed Knot events are known as musters. Musters take place over a weekend at various locations throughout the country. They usually take place in the spring and summer as the majority of members prefer to camp. The society publishes a list of National Musters, which may be supplemented by more local events. Members choose the number of musters they wish to attend themselves, although you will probably wish to choose the same events as your friends within the unit. Musters may comprise full scale Battle reenactments with up to 1500 participants, but may also be simple living history displays or social events with only a few dozen members, probably held in your local area.

MUSTERS are held all over the county and you are welcome to choose a selection of your own. We would encourage you to be willing to travel as events are cordinated by the Society to avoid musters competing with one another for attendance.  The main list of musters is published in "Orders of the Daye" the magazine of the Sealed Knot published bi-monthly.

What can I do? Members can choose several different roles to play in Battles, Living history displays and social events.

UNIFORM AND DRESS  All re-enactments and many social events take place with members in 17th Century dress, to at least the minimum standard required by the Sealed Knot Society. You will be able to borrow some for your first few musters but after that you must plan to provide your own.                                                                              

A WINTERS TALE In a Brutal Civil war, blood can be split even over the meerest of trifles - and the life of a man is nasty brutish and short
THE SIEGE OF BASING HOUSE The first muster of the 2007 Season, Royalist Units of the Sealed knot (and a few friends) reenact the bloody climax of the siege of Basing House in Hampshire
SIR HENRY VAUGHAN'S COMPANY are proud to take the field with soldiers of the second Battalia of the Prince Palatines Tertio, including Earl of Northampton's Regiment, the Earl River's Regiment and Thomas Glemham's Regiment. Proud in their fighting traditions, together they are known as 'Bstards Battalia' Northamptons and Vaughan Nantwich 2006
Our Living History section also benefits greatly from our close links with The Heritage Centre,, an independant re-enactment group which cover the period 1560-1915, and particularly with Colonel Webb's Regiment, serving with the Duke of Marlborough's Army of the War of the Spanish Succession(1700-1715)
Our events range from an individual presentation of the Living History of the Stuart age to the spectacle of hundreds of reenactors recreating the fury of an English Civil War Battle. Come and see our displays as a spectator, or take the kings shilling now and take part! All application for membership accepted at the discretion of our Commanding Officer. Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing before planning your first event

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If you are undecided whether you would align with King or Parliament, then for a fresh view point, try the website of our gallant enemy, Sir Rowland Laugharne at:

John Poyer, Governor of Pembroke Castle under Rowland Laugharne

Thomason Tract E434

<i>Declaration and Resolution of John Poyer

Or perhaps we have convinced you? Sign up to the King's army! But how will you spend your first weekend as a reenactor? How will I spend my Day?

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In the wars between King and Parliament, Wales was the Nursery
of the Kings Infantry. Now SIR HENRY VAUGHAN's Company need Sturdy and
Valiant Welsh (or Otherwise!)Pikemen and Musketeers to re-enact
the battles of their forefathers

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