Take the King's Shilling

Campaign with us in 2010

Planning the Campaign

20 Feb 2010 Coleford, Gloucs Memorial Parade
6/7 Mar 2010 Shaw House, Newbury, Gwent Battalia Training
2-4 April 2010 Caldicot, Gwent Mini Muster
1-3 May 2010 Fortress Wales, Margam, Port Talbot Battalia Training/Drill Display: Multi period Event
26/26 July 2010 Redbourne, Luton Mini Muster
10/11 July 2010 Fonmon Castle, Barry Mini Muster
31 July/ 1 August 2010 Shaw House, Newbury, Gwent Mini Muster
28/30 August 2010 Basing House , Berks Major Muster

In the wars between King and Parliament, Wales was the Nursery
of the Kings Infantry. Now SIR HENRY VAUGHAN's Company are looking for
Pikemen and Musketeers to take part in Battle Reenactments
and Living History Events such as these

Unlike a real army we recognise that not all of our soldiers are available for each event. So we need more soldiers to maximise our turnout each weekend. Why not contact us and discuss a trial weekend's membership?

Get away from the Twenty First Century with

Sir Henry Vaughans

For Details, why not meet us  

at the next event

Or Contact S Jarvis, Bron Haul,

Penlan Road, Carmarthen, SA31 1DN

07531 692006

Check out our Home Page:Check out our Home page
  • http:/www.a40infobahn.co.uk/VaughanSK/home.htm

or come to our next display and speak to any of our members