Living History Day at Carmarthenshire County Museum


Dragoons from Sir Henry Vaughans Company check their equipment before patrolling the grounds of the Carmarthenshire County Museum at Abergwili


Checking the Equipment

Open Order

When deployed on foot Dragoons are freqently deployed in open order to make the best use of broken terrain. Nonetheless, their initial spacings are made under the direction of the NCO

Make ready

The Dragoons prime and load their muskets from Paper Cartridges



'TJ' brings the musket to half cock and opens the frizzen to allow access to the priming pan

Moving in Pairs, the dragoons advance across the grounds of Abergwili House

 Jack and 'TJ' move forwards


Beneath the hill where Merlin sleeps, on the site of a medieval monastic college, the Palace of the Bishops of St Davids stands at Abergwili, a small village just outside the County Town of Carmarthen.

The Monastic College which originally stood on this site was moved to Christ College Brecon on the Dissolution of the Monasteries, and the site was appropriated by Bishop Barlow for the use of the Bishops of St Davids.

The Building was improved under William Laud, and later, the Village was used as a Rendezvous for the Carmarthen Trained Bands.

In the present day the Museum is frequently visited by members of Sir Henry Vaughans, bringing the History of the Great Civil War back to life.

Many Portraits and other items from Sir Henry Vaughan's mansion at Derwydd House, Near Llandybie, have been acquired by the friends of the Museum , which also has preserved many items from the history of the Carmarthenshire Militia.

The present day representatives of Sir Henry Vaughan's soldiers are proud to be associated with this historic site. We hope to revisit the Museum of a regular basis, and we next intend to Camp in the grounds on ______________. Why not come and meet us? We will be pleased to demonstrate the dress, equipment and drill of Seventeenth Century Soldiers and share any other aspects of the period history in the scope of our individual members.

The museum is open to the public free of charge, but depends on the support of the County Council. There are a host of items reflecting the long history of Carmarthen, not just those associated with the Vaughans, or the Carmarthen militia.If you have not already visited this fascinating historic building why not do so today?

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