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UNIFORM AND DRESS  All re-enactments and many social events take place with members in 17th Century dress, to at least the minimum standard required by the Sealed Knot Society. You will be able to borrow some for your first few musters but after that you must plan to provide your own.                                                                              

Men (and women dressed as soldiers)                                  

  • Red Wool soldiers Coat, Lined with French Blue Wool, fastened at Neck                         
  • French Blue Breeches, (lined for comfort)                               
  • Red Cotton or Wool Hose,Over knee length                                                                     
  • Red and Blue Montero (Morion Helmet and Blue Monmouth Cap for Pikemen)                   
  • Shirt White/off white Cotton  Loose sleeves fastened at wrist Yokeless, front opening approx. 10'' vertically from neck                                                                                 
  • Leather/suede shoes, no obvious plastic soles or metal eyelets, to be replaced by soldiers shoes of an authentic design within 12 months

Women not taking the field (Women are encouraged to take full part in our displays, provided that they are dressed as soldiers)                                                               

  • Shift White/off white Cotton Yokeless, with loose sleeves covering elbows Drawstring or front tie fastening 
  • Neckwear White/off white Cotton Kerchief                        
  • Bodice Colours various - preferably drab, definitely no black Wool/linen Sleeved bodice to 17th century pattern circa 1625-1650                                           
  • Skirt (known as petticoat in 17th C) Colour various, preferable drab, definitely no black Wool/linenAnkle length, full skirt, pleated or gathered                          
  • Footwear as soldiers                                               
  • Headwear White/off whiteCottonCoif/headscarf covering hair

TO FIND OUT MORE:     Contact

  • Simon Jarvis                                                                                   
  • Bron Haul,                                                                        
  • Penlan Road,                                                                                 
  • Carmarthen,                                                                                   
  • SA31 1DN,                                                                             
  • 07929 870885                

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