• Introduction to Musketry

    Learning to fire a Jacobean Musket
  • Developing Skills lost to the current generation

    Skills Gallery
    Some skills are practical, others are more entertaining!
  • Uncover your Past

    Past Events
    Digging around in our Heritage
  • Reenacting an Electrician in the current era

    Future Events
    An Electrician Maintains the Control Panel of a Comet
  • Mr Whippet considers his next move

    National Curriculum
    Mr Whippet considers how much extra paperwork will be caused if he reaches for the cane
  • The New Recruit

    Contact/Join Us! I hope the Sergeant's going to be nice to me!


  • Refight the Battles of the English Civil War with Sir Henry Vaughans (Sealed Knot Society)

  • The Spanish Succession Wars: Marlborough vs the Sun King